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Ubulu Unor, Delta State

Ubulu Unor gate sunset village

Ubulu Unor is a village in Delta State near Ogwashi Ukwu town. It is under Aniocha South Local Government which has its headquarters in Ogwashi Ukwu. 

Ubulu Unor is a calm village with a paved road passing through it. Its geography is like that of Azagba-Ogwashi and other towns and villages in Aniocha – dense forest areas, and red soil. But something is quite different about Ubulu Unor. Unlike Ogwashi Ukwu and other nearby towns, Ubulu Unor has a slightly hilly landscape. Although some parts are flat, the hilly attribute of the village is noticeable.  

While many parts of the village have been occupied by people, a large part of it is still covered by dense forest areas. The forest areas are mostly filled with palm trees (the most common tree in Aniocha) and a few other trees such as mango and cashew. 

The soil here is mostly red or sandy. Some parts, however, are heavily mixed with loamy soil and this combination benefits the people as their main occupation is farming. 

Ubulu Unor does not have major infrastructure like banks and government offices. What it has are several small businesses that were created by the people who live there. Most of these businesses are lined up beside the road so they can be patronized by people traveling through or visiting the village. 

The village has a market, a police post, a beautiful Obi palace, and several bars and restaurants. These bars and restaurants are some of the most appealing things about Ubulu Unor as they offer all kinds of drinks and food.  

Some of the restaurants even serve delicious bush meat which is something one may not find in Ogwashi Ukwu – the bigger town. For this reason, many people from Ogwashi Ukwu come down to Ubulu Unor to spend time and enjoy some delicious food. Ubulu Unor is a popular hangout spot for people in Owashi Ukwu because of this. 


History of Ubulu Unor

Data is not yet available. Please send an email to if you have information or know someone who has information about the history of this village. We would love to know it and also share it with the world. 

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  • DAS Reply

    Sounds interesting, I would like to visit …., particularly for the bush meat.

    January 30, 2023 at 8:35 pm

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