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10 Interesting Facts About Kwarans

Kwara State is a region in Nigeria that serves as a melting pot of various ethnic groups including the Fulanis,...

Time Zone in Nigeria and Other Facts About Nigeria

Nigeria is known for so many things, from food to clothes, time zone, language, art, business, intelligence, etc. It is...

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11 Normal Things In Nigeria Regarded As Abnormal In Other Parts Of The World

Nigerian Adventures Nigeria is a land of diversity, filled with unique cultural traditions that often differ from the norms of other...

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10 Phrases In Nigerian Pidgin You Need To Know While Traveling in Nigeria

Photo by Daniel Sikpi on Pexels.com The use of Pidgin English all over Nigeria is one thing that might catch you...

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Good Morning Greetings Around The World

  There are thousands of languages in the world due to the diversity and different cultures of humans. For a traveler,...

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Northern Nigerian Weddings And How They Are Observed

Wedding pre photo Weddings are celebrated in different ways across the world but, one factor is common, it is a happy...