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10 Most Beautiful Places In Kaduna

Kaduna, the center of learning as it is nicknamed is a beautiful state in Northern Nigeria. This state is dominated by the Hausas and Fulanis although other tribes such as – the Jabbas, Gbagis, and Jukums also make up a small percentage. 

Visiting this state is something worth experiencing as the locals are friendly and there are plenty of things to do in the state. Besides offering the opportunity to witness a Northern Nigerian wedding, a visit to Kaduna is an opportunity to see these beautiful destinations, some of which come with an interesting history. 

10. Nok Kingdom in Kwoi 

This village in the Jaba local government area of Kaduna state is a beautiful serene place, popular for its terracotta. History has it that the discovery of these was made by a British archaeologist as far back as 1943. These artifacts that have been preserved are unique to their culture as well as making pottery. 

The iron artifacts are a show of expertise consisting of weapons, and farming tools alongside special cravings of humans and animals. There is a lot to glean from their fascinating culture, bring your camera and journal along and make the most of your experience here.

9. The Emir’s Palace in Zaria 

An Emir is not just a dignitary but a person of great importance being a traditional ruler. The Emir of Zaria is no exception, and as such one can only imagine how heavenly his palace would look. The Zaria Emirate of the Zazzau is located in Zaria in the northern part of Kaduna and is a highly secure environment. The mansion is beautifully designed, with high walls surrounding the building decorated in colorful patterns. 

 The Emir’s attendants are dressed in a particular way that is uniform. And their mode of service is admirable. When you visit be sure to adhere to the rules governing the palace for a smooth experience. 

8. Matsirga waterfall 

Nestled in Madakiya in Zango Kataf local government area of Southern Kaduna close to Kafanchan is this mesmerizing body of water, the serenity of the atmosphere calms not only one’s mind but brings a relaxing consciousness to one’s body as well. Arrayed with lush green grasses and trees the crystal clear waterfalls flow down into a murky stream that is nicknamed ‘River wonderful’ by the locals. 

The spring is said to get its source from the Kagoro hills which are just a few kilometers nearby. Relish the sweetness of nature here and let the sound of the waterfall become music to your ears. Make sure to also bring a swimsuit and camera.

7. Kajuru castle 

Looking for a fairy tale experience in real life, Kajuru castle in the kajuru local government area of Kaduna is your best bet. This castle admits just one guest per time and it’s a perfect couple or family getaway for a quality honeymoon or vacation experience. 

Built-in the 1980s by one of the German settlers who lived in Nigeria. The exclusive architectural design is captivating and brings you back to ancient times giving you a medieval feel. 

Three floors with a knight hall, master bedroom, and four other dungeon rooms making it a total of five rooms. It has a swimming pool, and a turret and though it admits one guest per time, it’s big enough to contain at least thirty people comfortably for a small party and there is an option to make your food with a kitchen provided and barbeque space just beside the pool. There is also a sauna available for cold nights. It is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences one should have.

6. Kamuku National Park 

This is one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in Nigeria located in Kaduna, this abyss of wonder built in the late 1990s by the Nigerian government is home to various species of wildlife including birds and some special types of plants.

The whole land mass is about 430 square meters with a carpet of green grass as well as trees where some of the animals take shelter. 

5. Lugard Foot Bridge 

This historical pedestrian bridge owned by Sir Fredrick Lugard is situated in General Hassan Usman park in the capital of Kaduna.

The bridge was constructed in the colonial style by Sir Frederick himself as the amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorates came into place. It is painted in the country’s color –  plain white and green and is 586m above sea level.

4. National Commission for Museum and Monument 

If arts, crafts, and history has always intrigued you, the NCMM at Ali Akilu road city center in Kaduna would be a fulfilling trip to take. Opened in the 1970s the museum contains ancient arts from all around the northern region mostly like, Nok terracottas, paintings, sculptures, and some others from around the country like popular arts from Benin and Ile-Ife. 

This is a very educational as well as intriguing place to visit as one would learn about the culture of several tribes and see how traditional heritage is being preserved for the next generations. It’s a place one would love to visit regularly.

3. Fifth Chukker Polo and Country Club 

Just in the heart of Kaduna city, right there at Isa kaita this amazing hub stands. Perfect for the whole family timeout.

Enjoying thrilling time horse riding, or simply relaxing movement in one of the very conducive huts or villas. If you are in good luck you can watch a free polo match that happens some weekends. 

There is also a tent that can accommodate a considerable number of guests for a party. The club serves a variety of sumptuous dishes and chilled drinks. It’s a very fun place to visit.

2. Bridge Park and Event Centre 

Talk of everything fun and beautiful, from the cinema to the visual game center, exclusive lounge, restaurant, pool, and play station. This amazing place offers facilities for both Kids and Adults alike.

It is one of the top beautiful places around Southern Kaduna and it gives proximity to Barnawa, one of the finest areas to live in here in Kaduna. The cinema is also functional and you can catch trending movies at weekends.

1. Murtala Muhammad Square

Close to the City center, MM square is a recreational center suitable for picnics, games, and even parties. This place was constructed in 1950 in honor of the late Head of State Gen. Murtala Mohammed.

It has a gym, basketball court, space for hockey, horse riding, and polo games, and a large field for playing football. 

Some important events too are held here sometimes like the Kaduna polo club’s official racing event and Some renowned Arewa artists use it for filming. It is a beautiful relaxation hub and it has provision for refreshments in shops and stalls within and nearby.

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