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Good Morning Greetings Around The World


There are thousands of languages in the world due to the diversity and different cultures of humans. For a traveler, this might seem like a barrier; however, it can be easily overcome.

Knowledge of one popular language will greatly help when on distant shores. Obviously the most popular language today is English and it can be used in almost every part of the world to communicate but the problem comes when one finds oneself in parts of China, France, or Russia where locals do not speak English at all.

Not to worry, you can easily get out of this situation of helplessness by first arming yourself with little basics of the language. One of the most important pieces of knowledge to break the language barrier would be learning how to greet in that particular language.

The greeting is a way to draw undivided attention. In a place like China, instant attention is drawn to you when you mutter some words and do the bow greeting as a foreigner. For the traveler looking to travel around the world, here is how to say “good morning” in different parts of the world. these greeting 

China (Chinese): Zǎoshang hǎo “good morning”.

Germany (German): Guten morgen meaning “good morning”.

Russia (Russian): Zdravstvuyte which means “hello”.

Brazil (Portuguese): Bom dia “good morning”.

Spain (Spanish): Buenos días “good morning”.

Turkey (Turkish): Merhaba. It means “hello”.

Italy (Italian): Buongiorno “good morning”.

In Nigeria, there are hundreds of languages which means there are several languages with which to greet a person good morning. English is the official language and a simple “good morning” will do for an official meeting.

However, if you want to explore and connect more with the people, a specific language greeting will be more effective for the region you are in.

Nigerian Igbo: ụtụtụ ọma

Nigerian Hausa: ina kwana

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Nigerian Yoruba: e kaaro

Nigerian Etsako: Naigbia

Iceland (Icelandic): Góðan dagin. It is pronounced as “gowdhan dyeghin” and it means “good morning”.

Greece (Greek): Kalimera “good morning”.

Ghana (Twi): Maakyé “good morning”.

Indian Hindi: Suprabhat “good morning”.

India Tamil: Vanakkam. This greeting can be done at any time of the day Make sure to join your palms and add a little bow to complete this.

Japan (Japanese): Ohayōgozaimasu “good morning”.

Morocco (Arabic): sabba elkhir “good morning”.

Israel (Hebrew): Boker Tov “good morning”.

Egypt (Arabic): sabah al kheir “good morning”.

Australia: Just say good day in a formal situation and g’day in an informal one.

New Zealand (Māori): kia ora “hello”.

France (French): Bonjour “good morning”.

It is important to note that some of them are usually accompanied by some interesting gestures such as rubbing noses, kissing cheeks, sticking out tongues and so many others so one may have to study more intensely about the culture to get all the details.

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