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7 Delicious Dishes You Must Try Out When You Visit Nigeria

Nigerian Jollof

Food in Nigeria is appealing to the eye, delicious, and also very spicy. Although each ethnic group in the country features its unique food, some foods are known by the general population and these types of food are great to welcome visitors to the country. For travelers seeking to visit this massive country of 371 ethnic groups, here are some dishes that await to give you a memorable experience.

Ofada Rice and Ayamase

Commonly eaten in the Western region, this irresistible mouthwatering delicacy is a combination of staple and spicy ingredients with a number of proteins and vegetables. The ofada rice is a common favorite especially in Lagos and other western parts of Nigeria. Afefeyeye restaurant at Ikeja serves one of the best recipes of this dish. It is also very nourishing and satisfying and best enjoyed with freshly juiced Ému (palmwine). This is one of the first must-try dishes for any visitor to Nigeria.

Banga and Starch

Banga and Starch is a meal common in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The meal features Starch – a dough-like food made from cassava and Banga – a soup made with palm nuts. Fish and goat/cow meat are usually included in the soup to make it more sumptuous and appealing.

Point and Kill (Catfish pepper soup)

Point and kill is the common street name for catfish pepper soup because it is upon the selection of customers that the fish are killed, cooked to serve. Catfish pepper soup is a spicy and thick fish soup sometimes served with agidi (a corn fast food), white rice, or cocoyam. It is very popular in the Eastern parts of Nigeria and it is best enjoyed with a chilled drink.

Akara and Akamu

Akara and akamu is a popular street food in Nigeria that is mostly eaten as breakfast and sometimes as dinner. The meal is a combination of Akara – a fritter that originates from beans, and akamu – a fermented and sweetened pudding that originates from cereal. It is cheap, satisfying, and unlike other Nigerian meals, it is not spicy. Vegetarians will particularly love this meal.

Oil Beans and Bread/Garri/Plantain/Akamu/Yam

Oil beans is a heavy meal in Nigeria that is often with bread, Garri, Plantain, or Akamu. It is one of the cheapest meals in the country and most people on a budget typically go with this meal as it is delicious and satisfying. In Western parts of the country like Lagos, the meal is known as – Ewa Agoyin and it is very easy to find.

Nigerian Jollof

Nigerian Jollof is a rice meal that features lots of unique flavors and aroma. It is prepared with tomato sauce, and a wide range of seasonings, and is often served with fried plantains, beans, or salad. Beef, chicken, or fish is also added to make the meal more nutritious. It is called Nigerian Jollof to distinguish it from the Jollof of other West African countries who always claim their Jollof is better than that of Nigeria.

Pounded Yam/Fufu and Egusi

Pounded yam/fufu and Egusi is a meal common in all parts of Nigeria. It is the national food of Nigeria and is eaten daily by the majority of the Nigerian population. The meal is basically a combination of a dough-like food and a soup made from melon. While most people choose to use Pounded Yam as the dough, others prefer to use Fufu – a product of cassava. Some people even use eba – a dough made with garri, but regardless of how it is eaten, it still offers amazing satisfaction.

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