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Dark and Rainy Clouds

Loves dark and rainy clouds? They are such wonderful views to behold. Well to some. Others might find them frightening.

Dark clouds are sometimes referred to as a gloomy mood or pessimistic and negative condition. Irrespective of the definitions given to the atmospheric phenomenon, the fact still remains that these clouds are a beautiful site to behold. They incite emotions of fear and excitement and also display the beauty of nature. The darker the cloud, the deeper the emotions.

Clouds make us stand in awe of nature. Although the element is just a visible mass formation of crystals suspended in air, its whole behavior is very complex to fathom.

Have you ever wondered why clouds gather in the air? Have you ever wondered what makes the clouds get dark when it is about to rain? Does it happen by some sort of design or programming or do you think it is just an evolutionary thing?

Nature is one hell of a subject to finish studying.

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